Resources for children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD): Tailoring Knowledge tools for rehabilitation centres and parents associations in Québec

Chercheur principal: 

Chantal Camden

  • Dana Anaby
  • Denise Keiko-Thomas
  • Lisa Rivard
  • Audette Sylvestre
Organisme subventionnaire: 

Edith Strauss Research Project

Projet en cours
Fonctions motrices, sens et perception
Environnement social
Finalités de recherche: 
Développement et validation

This proposal aims at translating into French one specific knowledge tool, the online CanChild DCD Parent Workshop, to foster well-being for children with DCD. Specific study objectives are: (1) to translate, adapt and implement the tool in collaboration with two rehabilitation centers and the provincial DCD Parent Association; (2) to evaluate how this tool can be used as part of best practice; (3) to evaluate change in clinician and family awareness and ability to manage DCD; and 4) to evaluate the perceived benefited to children associated with utilization of the tool.

CIUSSS-CN Université Laval Alliance santé Québec