Regular researchers


Full professor and researcher in the fields of modelization, optimization and validation of the reliability, maintainability and availability of systems subject to one or more types of deterioration; integrated logistics support; the design and piloting of value creation networks; the management of products until the end of their useful life; reverse logistics; management of spare parts; of systems performance optimization in a sustainable development perspective.

Regular researcher, he is interested in the development of interventions related to physical activity and the evaluation of their contribution towards the improvement of functional autonomy, social participation and quality of life of patients. He is also interested in the development and validation of rehabilitation measurement tools using modern psychometric approaches.

Educational psychologist  interested in transition experiences for children with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and other developmental disabilities 

Audiologist, interested in the assessment of technological aids for deafness, including cochlear implants, and the assessment of hearing capacities. 

Physical Therapist interested by impairments and activity limitations after a central nervous system lesion. Also interested in the development of innovative approaches (assessment and treatment) for the rehabilitation of individuals with sensorimotor disorders.

Sociologist and political science researcher, his research interests revolve around the understanding of the transformation of social practices and policies in relation to disability and citizenship issues within a participatory approach. His research interests are focused on social policies, disability and human rights within areas such as work and employment, transportation and support services.

Laurent Bouyer

Neurophysiologist interested by human motor control and motor learning after CNS injury/disease or muskuloskeletal problems. Also interested in the development of new robotic devices and data processing software for rehabilitation. 

Alexandre Campeau-Lecours

Researcher and Engineer interested in the development of assistive technology for people living with a disability and for the elderly. Also interested in the integration of advanced technology (robotics, mechatronics, algorithms, sensors) for rehabilitation.

Expert in the interprofessionality field, she is interested in the development, implementation and evaluation of social innovations to improve interprofessional education and collaborative practice.

Chantal Desmarais

Speech-language pathologist interested in specific language impairments and other developmental language problems to design evaluation tools and intervention methods using evidence-based scientific findings.


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